Angela Zhong - Jul 6, 2020

What are the most credible conservative news sources?

Out of the thousands of news outlets in the world, there are far more left-leaning than right-leaning news outlets. As the public increasingly looks for unbiased news and different perspectives to get the full story, many struggle to find reputable conservative sources. The average news reader can probably guess Fox News and Breitbart are right-leaning, but both, according to The Factual, have mediocre credibility ratings (56.5% and 54.5%, respectively). So, what are the best sources for credible conservative news? 

We analyzed 58,000 articles between May 1 and May 21 to uncover the top 10 right-leaning sources that have posted at least six times (or twice per week) during the time period. Here is the breakdown of the top 10 publications based on their average Factual credibility grade:

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 10.59.56 AM

The Factual’s algorithm analyzes individual articles for credibility based on the author’s topical expertise, the diversity of sources (links and quotes), the neutrality of the writing tone, and the historical reputation of the publishing site. To learn more, see How It Works.

Top 10 Conservative News Sources

1. Check Your Fact • Moderate Right • Average Credibility Grade: 80.3% • 10 articles published

2. Washington Examiner • Moderate Right • Average Credibility Grade 71.2% • 1,238 articles published

3. Council on Foreign Relations • Moderate Right • Average Credibility Grade 71% • 14 articles published 4. New York Observer • Right • Average Credibility Grade 70.6% • 7 articles published
5. Military Times • Moderate Right • Average Credibility Grade 70.4% • 41 articles published
6. Commentary Magazine • Right • Average Credibility Grade 69.4% • 10 articles published

7. (Alabama News) • Moderate Right • Average Credibility Grade 69.4% • 11 articles published

8. Reason • Moderate Right • Average Credibility Grade 68.8% • 284 articles published

9. Orlando Sentinel • Moderate Right • Average Credibility Grade 68.8% • 14 articles published
10. Quillette • Moderate Right • Average Credibility Grade 68.5% • 25 articles published

To put this into perspective, popular left-leaning publications such as the New York Times or Washington Post have an average credibility grade of 68.6% and 67.8%, respectively, which would put them just below the top 10 here. As a rule of thumb, any article rated by The Factual above 75% is highly credible.


We hope that by gaining access to quality news across the political spectrum, you can make better-informed decisions, whether it be in regards to masks, vaccines, or even what to do in a polling booth. Considering perspectives that both align with and diverge from your own is a necessary step to understanding the multifaceted nature of many issues in the news today. In a polarized world, society needs readers like you to pave the way for a common middle ground.

Finally, we know that finding multiple credible perspectives on every topic, every day, can be exhausting. That’s why The Factual applies its algorithm to over 10,000+ articles published every day to uncover the most credible stories across the political spectrum, curating the best articles in our daily newsletter (subscribe here). You can also see articles graded and grouped by topics or political bias on our news site.

Appendix I

Here are all of the Right-leaning sites used in this analysis, along with their average credibility score and the number of articles we analyzed.

Note: We removed sources with less than 5 articles published during this time period, since there was not enough data to make an accurate representation of their average score. Also, some outlets, like The Wall Street Journal, are behind a paywall which makes it difficult to access all their articles to analyze.

Publisher Bias Number of Articles Average Credibility Grade
1600 Daily Right 10 29% (Alabama News) Moderate Right 11 69%
American Greatness Right 15 48%
American Spectator Right 108 64%
American Thinker Right 9 49%
Arab News Moderate Right 9 50%
Arizona Republic Moderate Right 26 60%
Boston Herald Moderate Right 8 61%
Breitbart Right 1884 54%
Check Your Fact Moderate Right 10 80%
Chicago Tribune Moderate Right 83 64%
Christian Post Right 20 53%
Christianity Today Moderate Right 14 63%
Church Militant Right 5 52%
City Journal Right 63 64%
Commentary Magazine Right 10 69%
Council on Foreign Relations Moderate Right 14 71%
Daily Caller Right 21 60%
Daily Express Right 43 43%
Daily Mail Right 4469 35%
Daily Sabah Right 5 35%
Daily Telegraph Moderate Right 75 64%
Dallas Morning News Moderate Right 26 60%
Detroit News Moderate Right 43 61%
Forbes Moderate Right 526 49%
Fox News Right 4331 57%
Gulf News Moderate Right 11 51%
Heritage Foundation Right 5 49%
Hot Air Right 5 61%
ITV News Moderate Right 9 53%
Las Vegas Review Journal Moderate Right 7 58%
London Broadcasting Company (LBC) Moderate Right 5 31%
London Evening Standard Moderate Right 17 57%
Louder With Crowder Right 25 36%
Military Times Moderate Right 41 70%
National Interest Moderate Right 17 68%
National Post Moderate Right 20 54%
National Review Right 326 48%
New York Observer Right 7 71%
New York Post Moderate Right 192 49%
Newsbusters Right 12 49%
Oil Price Moderate Right 9 65%
Orange County Register Moderate Right 9 59%
Oregonian Moderate Right 89 66%
Orlando Sentinel Moderate Right 14 69%
Ottawa Citizen Moderate Right 5 45%
PJ Media Right 11 45%
Quillette Moderate Right 25 68%
Real Clear Investigations Moderate Right 7 62%
Real Clear Politics Moderate Right 93 63%
Reason Moderate Right 284 69%
Red State Right 11 43%
RT News Moderate Right 6 40%
San Diego Union Tribune Moderate Right 17 62%
Spiked Magazine Right 7 45%
The American Conservative Moderate Right 97 61%
The Blaze Right 39 54%
The Bulwark Moderate Right 28 64%
The Daily Wire Right 63 51%
The Economist - 1843 Moderate Right 10 51%
The Epoch Times Right 704 59%
The Federalist Right 255 62%
The Globe and Mail Moderate Right 105 50%
The National (UAE) Moderate Right 10 61%
The New American Right 5 47%
The New Atlantis Moderate Right 11 67%
The Spectator (UK) Moderate Right 10 48%
The Spokesman-Review Moderate Right 6 60%
The Straits Times Moderate Right 91 62%
The Sun Right 24 45%
The Tennessean Moderate Right 11 55%
Times of India Moderate Right 164 56%
Toronto Sun Right 6 60%
Townhall Right 56 47%
Wall Street Journal Moderate Right 51 66%
Washington Examiner Moderate Right 1238 71%
Washington Free Beacon Right 8 48%
Washington Times Moderate Right 2940 46%
Western Journal Right 14 53%
World Net Daily (WND) Right 6 56%

Note: The Factual does not always capture all publication output for each news site. The scores presented only reflect the articles that we've analyzed. Some sites, such as the Wall Street Journal, are only partially accessible to our algorithm.

Written by Angela Zhong

As a debater, Angela is focused on learning all facets of current issues and cutting through to the truth. She is also an incoming freshman at Harvard University. In her free time, she enjoys figure skating.

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