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What if most news is not that important?

More than half of all Americans get a portion of our news from social media but most of us are frustrated by the experience. Rampant bias and even downright false stories are part of the problem...
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7 min read
Company news - Sep 9, 2019

OwlFactor is now The Factual. Also — how not to name your startup.

I’m delighted to announce that today we’re rebranding OwlFactor as The Factual.
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3 min read
Company news - May 24, 2019

OwlFactor launches Trusted News Service to combat biased and fake news

We are all sick of biased news, click-bait headlines, and fake news.
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17 min read
Company news - Jan 3, 2018

How to successfully launch a Minimum Viable Product

We recently launched a Chrome extension that helps people understand if the news they are reading is high quality and suggests better articles from across the political spectrum. The launch was a decent success after a string...
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