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A solution for algorithmic transparency, as outlined to the US Senate

In June 2019 Stephen Wolfram, a pioneer in computer science research, was asked to testify to the US Senate Commerce Committee about one of the more pressing problems of our time: how internet...
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Company news - Nov 26, 2019

What if most news is not that important?

More than half of all Americans get a portion of our news from social media but most of us are frustrated by the experience. Rampant bias and even downright false stories are part of the problem but increasingly people are...
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Company news - Sep 9, 2019

OwlFactor is now The Factual. Also — how not to name your startup.

I’m delighted to announce that today we’re rebranding OwlFactor as The Factual.
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Company news - May 24, 2019

OwlFactor launches Trusted News Service to combat biased and fake news

We are all sick of biased news, click-bait headlines, and fake news.
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Business models - Feb 13, 2019

Apple News subscription is fatally flawed but not because of the revenue share

On February 12, rumors leaked of a subscription coming soon from Apple News. The details are being refined but the concept seems to be $10/mth to access all news content across dozens of paywalled sites.
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Business models - Nov 9, 2018

Why isn’t there a Netflix for News?

For most content — music, video, TV — there are subscription models that allow people to access a wide range of content for one low monthly fee. Spotify and Netflix have shown the demand is high for such offerings. So why...
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Media Literacy - Nov 7, 2018

Using The Factual to evaluate news credibility

With the rampant spread of misinformation on social networks people are more aware they must evaluate the news with a critical eye.
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Media Literacy - Mar 3, 2018

NewsGuard solves the wrong problem for today’s news landscape

This week NewsGuard launched to much fanfare as it heralds the end of fake news with “nutrition labels” for 7500 news sites. Unfortunately the effort misses the real issues that plague the news today — news bias and variable...
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Company news - Jan 3, 2018

How to successfully launch a Minimum Viable Product

We recently launched a Chrome extension that helps people understand if the news they are reading is high quality and suggests better articles from across the political spectrum. The launch was a decent success after a string...
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